• a good photograph is knowing where to stand

    Ansel Adams

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    My relationship with cameras goes back to my childhood. My stepfather was a photographer for friends and family. I remember him packing up the camera gear and my family would hop in the car and head off to wedding photoshoots. We have a ton of photo albums. I don't have children, but if I did, they would have plenty of photos of their mom when she was young. My mother always kept photos up of her mother, father, and siblings. My grandmother laid in rest before I was born, but because of photos I grew up knowing what my grandmother looked like. Sometimes I would say to myself, "I think today I look like my grandmother". Fast forward a few years and my friends and family know I love a good picture moment. For many of the girls trips I would be excited to come back home and put together a slide show. So, I guess you could say that me and photography have been seeing one another for a while now. Enough about me, scroll down to the next section to learn about, my photograph niches.

  • My Photograph Niches

    portraits. products. nature.

    Professional Portrait Headshots

    medical staff. corporate offices.

    Branding Photoshoots for Websites

    bios. hero images. blog images.

    Influencer Social Media Campaigns

    photos. reels. videos.

    Hair & Skin Product Photography (no CBD)

    plant based brands. vegan brands.

    Environment Friendly Candle Photography

    plant based brands. vegan brands.

    Brand & Corporate Event Coverage (no holidays)

    photos. reels. videos.

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    Nashville, TN
    Mon-Fr: 11:30am - 3:30pm
    **provided to clients
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    Ugh um, yes you read that right. You can relax as the creative that you are and know that your photograph needs are covered. You can invest in my monthly photoshoot membership month to month, quarterly, or annually.

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